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A ton of Services for you, included in one flat fee.

Get the full picture
The Marta Platform shows you precisely what you need to understand for each case. From mental to physical conditions over to the household. Everything is in your language so nothing falls through the cracks.

See what's expecting you
Our platform offers families the option to upload pictures of the household. This way, you know who you will meet, where you will sleep and what is expecting you.

Your price, your decision
marta lets you set your own price. You see each case in a lot of detail, so you can decide what prices you want to set, what services you want to offer, and how long you want to provide your services. We add our platform fee of 21% plus VAT on top.

We help you communicate
Have you got into an argument with your client? Our bilingual teams are here for you. If you are running into a situation, where you find a case not described the way on the platform or if you encounter any language difficulties, you just have to call our hotline and our Caregiver Consultants will help you to communicate with families.

Make the right steps
Difficulties navigating with the Authorities in setting up your business? We guide you through the necessary steps and make sure the effort on your end stays minimal, whilst giving you full control over your business at any time.

Cut the clutter
Drowning in letters and moving from client to client is not fun. We offer you the opportunity to use the marta back office, which digitalises and conserves all letters for you. Your secretary is at your fingertips. Our staff takes care of all incoming mail by digitising it and redirecting it directly to you via email.

Magic Invoicing
Opt-in for your invoicing service. You enter the Start & End Date & the System magically creates compliant invoices for you. Keeping track of every invoice sent and received can be hard, but not with our fully digital invoice system. Receiving and checking invoices becomes easy and you will always have the finances of your business in check.

Your own tax clerk
Tax declarations can be frightening, in particular when needing to navigate in different countries. We work with verified third-party experts which assist you in simplifying your tax declarations.

Stay safe
marta supports thousands of caregivers every year. That way, we can support you on finding the best liability insurance for your business - if you want. You’ll always be safe & sound.

Pay as you go
You only pay us when you get paid. No ties at all. If you don’t like our services, you cancel the contract within a week. It’s that simple.

Being a Sole Proprietor Caregiver 

marta works exclusively with caregivers, which run their own businesses. This comes with advantages but also with responsibilities.

-> You get to set your own price
-> You get paid directly from your client and have full transparency
-> You decide what services you offer and when
-> You have upselling potential: Garden work was not included in the initial agreement. Make an additional offer!
-> You get to cancel the contract any time, within the period set by you
-> You decide on the contract ramifications (whilst we provide you with templates)
-> You take risks and compete on the open market against other caregivers
-> You have many different clients, you get to pick
-> You issue your own invoice and have full control

-> You bear your own risk
-> You make a direct contract with the families and are solely responsible
-> You take the risk of payment default by families
-> You have to organise the transport yourself
-> You have to invest yourself into everything that makes you better or what you need to work
-> You become the manager of the household
-> You have to provide the services agreed upon, whilst being free when and how to provide them
-> You have to care for a replacement yourself when you get sick. When you get sick or cannot work for another reason, you will not get paid
-> You have many clients and need to take care of them on your own
-> You need to prepare every case yourself, independently Your physical and reputational risk is fully on you, marta just provides you the platform to get in touch with clients and helps you with administrative tasks in the background

Your own office

Need a space to prepare your next job? Opt into our shared office, for free. We have two offices:
- BERLIN: Schnellerstr. 60, 12439 Berlin, Germany
- BONN: Baunscheidtstraße 11, 53113 Bonn

You can use the office at any time depending on what’s most convenient for you. To make sure we give you a warm welcome and to guarantee that we always have enough space at any time, please let us know 48hours in advance via office@marta.de.

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