We make 24h care affordable and accessible to all.

With our work, we want to reduce the burden on families and caregivers and ensure transparency, fairness and humane interaction in home care.

Jan and Phlipp, the founders of marta

Philipp Buhr & Jan Hoffmann

Founder & Managing Director

Why we founded marta.

During the time we used 24-hour care for our loved one, we often felt left alone in this complicated and overpriced market. Additionally, when we realized that agencies were taking most of the salary we paid our caregiver, we became angry.

After 5 years of unsuccessful search for a reasonable agency, in 2020 we took on the mission to improve 24 hour care in Germany and finally founded marta.

In memory of Marta, who lovingly helped us care for our grandparents for years, we named the company after her.

We take our mission very seriously.

We firmly believe that our caregivers will take better care of our loved ones if we offer them fair working and living conditions.

Our goal is to fundamentally improve the 24-hour care market by building a platform that brings caregivers and families together without any other intermediaries. We enable caregivers to earn a better salary through lower placement fees, without having to pay more.

Our priority is to improve the way we interact with families and caregivers and guide them through an already difficult process.

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