What is it like to be a caregiver?

Being a caregiver on the marta platform is most likely not too different from your prior experience as a caregiver. Your responsbilities usually range from taking care of the person's hygiene to cooking or doing the laundry. If you want to learn more about that, you can see some example tasks down below.

Frequently Included Services

Assistance with hygiene, mobility, meal preparation, housekeeping and recreation.

Excluded services

Medical care, 24 hour employment and heavy lifting are beyond the duties of a caregiver.

Personal hygiene

A large part of the care services is help with personal hygiene. These can vary greatly depending on the need.

  • Bath & Shower
  • Going to the toilet
  • Hair Combing & Shaving
  • Teeth brushing & nail care
An image of some hands with hand cream on


Caregivers also help with mobility in and out of the home. They can accompany the visit to the doctor or go shopping.

  • Dress & Undress
  • Accompany dates
  • Stair climbing & walking
  • Getting up & going to bed
a caregiver helping out an elderly person by holding their hand

Food & Nutrition

A caregiver also prepares meals that they can adapt to the diet of the person being cared for.

  • Cooking together
  • Help with food intake
  • Mouth preparation
  • Observance of diets

Domestic support

The caregiver can help with household tasks and make sure the environment is clean.

  • Make beds
  • Washing & Ironing
  • Clean up & heating
  • Shopping together
a person putting washing liquid in a washing machine

Leisure activities

Our caregivers are also happy to arrange leisure time and everyday life of the person to be cared for with joint activities, if required.

  • Walks
  • Play games
  • Reading together
  • Creative suggestions


Which activities am I not expected to do?

Regardless of the person, there are some things that should not be expected of any caregiver. These include:

Medical treatment

The caregiver assists with daily personal hygiene. However, medical treatment care is not part of their regular area of responsibility. The exact delimitation depends on the respective service and must be checked in each individual case.


Home caregivers may take care of watering flowers by appointment, but not heavy yard work such as weeding, mowing lawns or trimming hedges.

24 hours work

One advantage of home care is that your caregiver is never far away. But that doesn't mean they get to work around the clock. Fixed breaks and days off are a basic requirement for successful care.

Basic cleaning

Most caregivers pay attention to a clean environment. However, basic domestic cleaning is not one of their tasks. This includes, for example, decluttering, washing curtains/curtains, cleaning out closets or other thorough cleaning work.

How do we collaborate?

Your collaboration with marta is based on a proven franchise model that involves you setting up a “Gewerbe” (i.e. legal authorisation to provide services) in Germany. The purpose of the Gewerbe is to offer care services and related services in private households.

If you want to work on a case presented on the marta platform, you will sign:

- a FRANCHISE Agreement with Marta
- a separate SERVICES Agreement with the family or legal representative of the patient

How can we support you?

As a marta franchisee you can take advantage of the advice and guidance from our caregiver consultants on all the relevant topics as we are just a phone call away and ready to help. Upon request, we could help with the following:
- Gewerbe registration
- Tax declaration
- Health Insurance and Civil Liability Insurance
- Invoicing
- Transport

Why choose working with Gewerbe?

- Entrepreneurial freedom of choice: you decide whether you want to accept or reject the proposed case and determine the length of the contract.

- Ability to shape your service offering as you desire: having established your Gewerbe, you are free to determine the terms and conditions  under which you provide your services . You organise and carry out your cases independently, according to your experience and professional competence, the scope of which is always precisely defined in the services agreement .

- Freedom to service as many clients as you want: you are not permanently connected to a single client and can select cases yourself.

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